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Adèle James

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Planning & Trainer

Extensive knowledge in training on organizational equity and inclusion practices and implementation of assessments. Serving as faculty to California State Association of Counties Institute for Excellence in County Government and trainer for Fresno County Dept. of Behavioral Health. Training topics include power, privilege and race, transgenerational impacts of oppression, impacts of and addressing bias, tools, and best practices in implementing an equity lens.

Certified Professional Coach with Extensive Leadership Development Expertise

Provision of coaching to nonprofit and government leaders.  Design, management, and implementation roles in leadership development programs in philanthropic, nonprofit, and academic settings.  

In-Depth Philanthropy and Grantmaking Knowledge

Managed a diverse portfolio of over $180 million throughout California including proposal design and implementation with focus on diversity and equity. More than 15 years experience as a program officer and/or special advisor to The Women’s Foundation of California, The California Endowment, The San Francisco Foundation, & California Prop 63 Mental Health Services Act Prevention & Early Intervention Fund. Grantmaking subject areas include: health, mental health, housing, economic development, support to family resources centers, rural communities, social justice, youth violence prevention, women and girls empowerment, and immigrant needs. Identified emerging issues and opportunities for aligning complimentary bodies of work and philanthropic partnerships in solving challenges and improving community quality of life. 

B.A. Barnard College, Columbia University; M.A. Stanford University in International Development Education.

Served as faculty to the University of San Francisco M.A. in Nonprofit Administration, faculty to the California State Association of Counties Institute for Excellence in County Government, faculty to the Sierra Health Foundation Leadership Program.

Equity & Arts Advocacy

Middle Passage Arts

In addition to her executive coaching and consulting work, Adèle James has also developed considerable facility in uplifting advocacy for artists. Applying her coaching and consulting approach to her arts advocacy work allows the artists and organizations she supports to articulate their values and creative visions in a context tailored to their unique perspectives and needs. Her arts advocacy work also inspired her to found Middle Passage Arts in 2011 to advance visibility and equity for artists of color in the Caribbean and African diaspora by chronicling their stories.

Through Middle Passage Arts, Adèle has supported artists by documenting and cataloging their works, by assisting them in pursuing global exhibition opportunities, and by developing marketing and promotional outlets for them. Her forthcoming book, Creating Like the Heart is on Fire: Stories of Artists & Creative Endeavors in Trinidad & Tobago, chronicles the stories, and showcases photos of the works of individuals she encountered in her travels. As a result of her work with Middle Passage Arts, Adèle brings a unique penchant for storytelling, facilitating creativity, and cultural acumen that she contributes to organizations and communities of all kinds.

Originally named ‘Caribbean Art Promotions’, the name of this arts equity project was later changed to ‘Middle Passage Arts’ in recognition of the journey and  impact of that period of time on the culture, creative expression, and spirituality of people in the Caribbean.

What Our Client Are Saying


Erica Plumb

Associate Director for Supportive Services, Mercy Housing

“I was so fortunate to connect with Adèle for coaching sessions. I never knew what question, meditation, or prompt she would pose. Even when I thought I knew what to expect, she would always surprise me. She asked tough and insightful questions, challenged me to really dig deep in myself, and was reassuring and uplifting in an authentic way. Through working with her I gained a deeper understanding of myself as well as a clearer vision of my connection to my work.”

Shawn Harrison

Executive Director/Founder, Soil Born Farms

“As the founder of a new and somewhat non-traditional non-profit organization, I definitely struggled at first to tell our story and frame our work in a way that immediately resonated with funding partners. Adele was one of the first grant managers that I came across who actually took me under her wing and walked me through this process. Her unique ability to translate complex ideas into measurable and easily understood objectives is matched by an ability to teach others how to develop this same skill.”

Lilyane Glamben, M.Ed

Senior Project Manager, ONTRACK Program Resources Inc.

“Adèle James is a consultant with a special gift for group facilitation, whether it be for large groups, focus groups, Mental Health First Aid trainings, etc. She is the epitome of a “warm demander” who brings out the best in others. Her ability to curate and conduct an impactful and enjoyable group experience around what can be challenging topics is remarkable. Additionally, Adele’s sensitivity and skillfulness in working with people from diverse backgrounds is priceless.”

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