Consulting Services

Facilitating learning and understanding towards equitable impacts.

Adèle focuses on cultivating collaborative partnerships by centering the building of transformative relationships with clients and communities. Strategies that emphasize community voices in generating consensus are foundational to the services she provides.

Consulting Approach

A certified executive coach, Adèle often utilizes a coaching approach in her facilitation to allow participants to identify and articulate what is most important to them, and for building trust.

She is versed in several methodologies including Participatory Action Research (PAR) that promote community participation so that all can fully engage in defining and implementing strategies that promote equitable solutions to challenges impacting minoritized communities. 

Her consulting process also takes into consideration the multiple and intersectional identities of those being served in order to craft solutions to complex and long-standing challenges.

With a reputation for genuine interest and enthusiasm for ensuring the success of organizations, Adèle has an ability to distill ideas into priorities and goals, while translating between sectors and disciplines.

Adèle has facilitated training and capacity building with but not limited to:

  • Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
  • Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health
  • Greater Bay Area Child Abuse Prevention Council
  • Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency
  • The San Francisco Foundation
  • United Fire Service Women
  • University of San Francisco Master of
  • Nonprofit Administration Program

Consulting Services

Equity Capacity Building & Action Planning (online & in-person)

Equity means closing the gaps so that the identities of minoritized communities are not predictive of success across key life outcomes, while also improving outcomes for all.  Areas for life outcomes and the social determinants that influence them include but are not limited to housing, education, family income, social support, community setting, access to health services, access to healthy foods, childhood experiences. Adèle utilizes the Government Alliance on Racial & Equity (GARE) Model as a key framework for equity planning.  

Equity Capacity Building & Action Planning services include: 

  • Identification and preparation of teams to lead organizational equity work
  • Formulation of communications plan for agency equity work
  • Conducting organizational equity readiness and self-assessments 
  • Design and presentation of trainings on diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure common understanding and foundational knowledge among agency staff, membership, and other audiences 
  • Facilitation of client self-definition of vision and values to ground and lead equity work
  • Collection and utilization of data to prioritize internal policy and practice areas for identification of measurable equity outcomes
  • Development of Racial Equity Action Plans
Executive & Leadership Coaching (online & in-person)

Adèle loves working with individuals, nonprofit professionals, and teams to articulate values as the starting place for work and life that are nourishing, balanced, and sustaining.  A certified executive coach, Adèle specializes in supporting leaders in transforming organizations from the ground up to better achieve just and fair outcomes. Her desire is to support clients in moving through the dynamic confluence of life, guided by their own innate wisdom. A native of Trinidad, West Indies, Adèle brings firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by leaders of color, immigrants, and women in mapping out a path to success, often when they may be the first to do so in their families.  She provides individual coaching and infuses coaching strategies into her organization-oriented work because of their effectiveness in creating conversations that support groups in defining, leveraging and leading from their values. 

Meeting Facilitation (online & in person)

Provision of structured facilitation to enable inclusive, meaningful, and energized group collaboration that supports successful outcomes for retreats, focus, and working groups. Utilization of the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ Technology of Participation (TOP) methodology, and other participatory methods.

Organizational Assessments & Audits (online & in person)

Services include design of customized audit surveys on organizational culture, staff and board satisfaction, stakeholder service experience, key informant interview and focus group instruments. See and understand translation of raw quantitative and qualitative data into quantifiable analytics that support identification of strategic directions and recommendations.

Training Development (online & in-person)

Engagement with clients to identify staff, membership, contractor or community educational needs, and formulation of training outcomes, appropriate instructional methodologies, and delivery.

Trainings are designed around an Adult Learning Theory focus that encourages participant self-direction, allows for drawing from participant experience, orientation to problem solving that provides practical skills, motivation to learn that is self-defined, and readiness to learn that is tied to a clearly articulated reason.

Adèle’s facilitated trainings are creative, highly engaging and rated – both in person and virtually. Trainings often weave together multiple methodologies including small and large group discussion, video, music, storytelling, individual and group reflection.

Training topics include but are not limited to diversity, equity, inclusion; strategies for addressing bias; understanding, identifying, and countering white supremacy in organizational policies and practices; team building, effective communication; fostering strong organizational programs; and coaching skills for managers and leaders.